Serpent's Glory Mantle

At the far edge of everything they know, only you will recognize what awaits.

Tashi raced nimbly across the surface of the crashed vessel, tracing a familiar route across its warped and broken beams. He made a graceful somersault into the alcove nestled behind the ruined propulsion systems.

The laser grid inside decapitated him instantly. One by one, the charges lining the entrance exploded into plumes of flame and smoke.

When all the noise had died down, Tashi's Ghost floated inside the wreck, made a careful scan of the vicinity, and rezzed him.

"I set new traps," Shrike said over the comms. "They're on a timer."

Tashi threw his hands up. "That's not fair! I had it that time," he grumbled.

Tashi perched on a creaking railing and looked down at his companions far below. Shrike was lying on his back in the grass, hugging an Exotic engram to his chest. Notriks, the Eliksni standing beside Shrike, waved up at Tashi in greeting.

"Good!" Notriks clapped two pairs of hands together. "We talk to Prak'kesh and Spider. We bet twice! We buy a ship—"

"Sure. But he didn't finish the course," Shrike said. "No Exotic engram for Tashi."

Tashi lobbed a loose piece of scrap metal off the edge. "I've had enough practice! I'm gonna win the Games single-handedly. You know, for all the Hunters."

"And honorary Hunters," Shrike mumbled, pointing a finger at Notriks.

Notriks gave a hesitant nod. "Yes… okay. So, now you two work together, keep focused—-"

Tashi stood. "I could beat this dumb course, no problem! If I wanted to!"

Notriks watched Tashi storm away across the wreckage. He heard the shrill whine of the laser grid coming back online, and the thump of a body hitting the hull.

"It's a safe bet, Notriks," Shrike said, closing his eyes. "Don't you worry."

Second Chance

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