Star Jasmine

The scent emerges as the sun sets, a testimony carried through warm summer nights.


PARTIES: Two [2] Human-type, designate Umiña, Osiris. One [1] Ascendant Hive, designate Savathûn. Eighty-one [81] Hive-type, designate unknown.

ASSOCIATIONS: Light [Umiña]; Darkness, [Savathûn, Hive]

ENGINES: Offline


SENSORS: Nominal



U: Is that… Osiris! Osiris, can you hear me?

S: Reverence, please, child. He is the first to see this realm.

U: What did you do to him?

S: He merely sleeps to dream a better world… one that I awaken to make reality.


U: —some kind of fountain?

S: It is the trough at which gods gorge.

U: And you're going to feed me to them there?

S: Nothing so dramatic, Lightbearer. You will be a scent. A texture. An added detail no one would notice, but whose absence would be felt. After all, one cannot cast a shadow without Light.

U: But… with Osiris's Light… Wait! Are you saying Sagira is gone?! Then he doesn't have—


U: —what you're saying is true, then we're on the same side!

S: No, child. We work to the same ends. Our roads are quite different.

U: You don't have to do this.

S: An end must be reached. A journey chosen. We are not all of us burdened by the comforting lie of false sacrifice.

U: Please—

S: All I require is to relieve you of that burden.


S: The vessel's sensors appear to be recording. Dispose of it.


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