Stormdancer's Brace

After all, isn't lightning better outside the bottle?

"You drift over the ground like a cloud, lightning flashing from your hands, thunder ringing in your ears and pounding in your chest. You think you are the storm.

"You're not.

"Howling does not make you the wind. Weeping does not make you an ocean.

"To be a good Stormcaller, you must bring the storm with you. Then you channel the lightning through yourself, like a lightning rod, and unleash it upon your foes.

"But to be a great Stormcaller, you must realize the storm isn't with you. The storm is so much bigger than you, so much mightier than you can control. You don't bring the storm. You're swept up by it. You may throw the lightning, but the storm hurls you.

"The Stormtrance is a dance. Follow the storm's lead."

—Ikora Rey

Stochastic Variable

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