Targeted Redaction

"Who?" —Osiris

The neon-saturated skyline of Neomuna pops bright against the starry night sky. On a rooftop overlooking an empty, tree-lined plaza, Saint and Osiris sit in contemplative silence. They are making time for one another in the margins of their lives, pushing responsibilities aside as much as they can.

"So, is she doing any better?" Osiris asks, breaking several minutes of peaceful silence. "Sloane," he clarifies.

"Every day is small progress," Saint explains. "And even small progress is something to be proud of."

Osiris nods, watching the glittering lights in the distance. "It's nothing short of a miracle that she survived all that time on Titan. A portion of Asher Mir also seems to have survived his dive into the Pyramidion. Don't lose hope in the darkness," he says, joining his hand with Saint's.

"Yes. Perhaps there is even hope for Brother Vance." Saint offers.

Osiris stares at him in prolonged silence.


Saint coughs and politely changes the topic.

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