Asher Mir

— A Gensym Scribe whose arm was converted by the Vex within the Pyramidion.

Asher Mir is a Warlock and a member of the Gensym Scribes.1 Much of his research is centered around the Vex and the Taken.

Prior to the Red War, Mir’s arm was transformed by Brakion, Genesis Mind, while within the Pyramidion. An “old friend,” Eris Morn, visited him while he was still in the hospital, informing him of her departure from the City in order to seek out and destroy the Hive.1 After Mir left for Io, the two kept up some degree of communication, with Morn requesting Mir to search for mentions of Nokris within his library.2

Mir seemingly has some connection to the Vex through his arm, describing changes in feeling in accordance to what is happening to the Vex on Io. While writing to Eris, he describes the “craven admiration” he sometimes feels when looking at the Pyramidion, as well as his ability to sense the goals of the Vex Minds working to transform Echo Mesa.2 Additionally, when the Taken are attempting to transform the Vex, Asher reports feeling something attempt to rip the essence from his body.

While on Io, Mir has conducted several experiments, including his attempt to convert the Traveler’s energy into synthetic Light.3 He has also done work for Ikora Rey as a translator of the Cabal language.4

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2017.11.13 — Asher Mir

Join baxter and Purple Chimera as they discuss Asher Mir, the cranky Vex-infused Warlock.