The Recluse

My bite will turn your sweet flesh to vile rot.

"Per your request, Lord Shaxx." The VEIST rep waved two fingers toward a nearby frame, which prompted it to open the metal suitcase on the table.

"Similar to your original design," the rep continued, "with a few choice additions from our engineering team." She picked a speck of lint from the lapel of her couture jacket as she spoke.

Shaxx examined the compact submachine gun, encased snugly in contoured foam. Seeing the weapon's profile stung him with memories, like an arrow through the shoulder.

"It's magnificent," he declared softly. "She would have loved it."

For a moment, the former Warlord seemed lost in fond reverie. The VEIST rep sat motionless at first, not wishing to disturb the legendary Titan's rare display of vulnerability. But then she decided to press her advantage. "I hear the former Queen's Wrath was an impressive woman," she prompted.

Lord Shaxx blinked, and the tenderness vanished from his eyes. He slammed the case shut.

"Give my compliments to your engineers," he replied gruffly.

The Recluse

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