The Stargazer

One, two, three! Eyes on me, niños!

It's Thursday, and you know what that means! That's right—it is Cloud Strider Day! What do the Cloud Striders do? Right again! They keep us all safe. And how do we tell them "Thank you?" By remembering them!

Today, we will learn about Stargazer. A stargazer is someone who looks into the sky and studies the stars. The Cloud Strider who picked Stargazer as their call sign was very smart.

Our planet, Neptune, is a hidden world. It is very large, but with our thick atmosphere and powerful magnetic field, it is very hard to see anything on the surface. This hides our city and keeps us safe, but it also hides the universe from us. We could see the stars but not study them.

Stargazer was the first person to learn how to use math to see the sky!

And Stargazer didn't just see stars. They also saw Earth. Do you know about Earth, children? That's right! Earth is a planet closer to the Sun, and it's where humans came from a long time ago. We thought there were no humans left on the Earth, and we could not see to check.

But when Stargazer looked to Earth, they saw more humans!

But Earth is a very dangerous place now. The people there do not go to school, and they do not go to market. Instead, they are bullied by the warlords, who force them to do things instead of asking nicely.

Stargazer worried what would happen if the warlords ever found Neptune. They might bully us, too! Our world is very hard to find, and the people of Earth had forgotten about our tiny colony ship. But on Earth, they have computers, too, and the warlords might learn of us just like we learn about the stars.

Stargazer traveled to Earth and used a special computer called a Warmind to make all the other computers on Earth forget about Neptune.

Today, we still watch Earth, and when the warlords are gone, we will go back and help the people there clean up their world. Just like when you help your parents clean up! And doesn't everyone like having a clean home?

That's all for today, niños. Three, two, one! Now, have fun! And remember: Thank you, Cloud Striders!

—Carlita Capybara, Capybara Corner, s43, ep19

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