— Artificial Intelligence defense networks from the Golden Age.

The Warminds were humanity’s Golden Age defense system, artificial intelligence systems that controlled thousands of satellites, weapons, and warsats built to protect humanity.1

The Warminds were said to have died in the Collapse.2 However, Rasputin survived the attack, though his network was fragmented.34

Rasputin is the only known surviving Warmind.1 Charlemagne, previously thought to be a second Warmind, was discovered to be a submind of Rasputin.5 Malahayati is another known submind of Rasputin.6

There is some debate regarding the true number of Warminds. There are references to the existence of multiple Warminds just prior to the Collapse.72 However, Ikora Rey has stated that there is only one Warmind, Rasputin.4 There is disagreement within the Cryptarchy regarding Charlemagne’s status as a submind versus a Warmind, and by extension the number of Warminds.5

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