Uneasy Feeling

"I've followed him for a short while now. Tracked his path since he turned up on mine.

"He's not like them, but not far off—hard to trust, hard to know. He's seen more than most can imagine and done things most wouldn't dare. But he's always kept his distance—stayed far from the Light.

"Why head City-side now? Why risk antagonizing those best equipped to cut his journey short? Can't quite say. I get the sense he's on the run, but from what? From who? There are Shadows in his past. Do they linger? Do they hunt?

"Or is his desperation driven by other… concerns?

"All I've seen, all I've uncovered—of him, of his long, winding road—says he's made enemies at just about every turn. Over centuries, that list grew real long. He's been comfortable on the dodge out beyond the Reef—ever-moving, ever-exploring, never concerned with the dangers riding his wake.

"So, again… Why now? Why here? What's his play? More important…

"What's his game?"

—A Renegade's Observations of a Drifter

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