Wyrmguard Shell

For Ghosts who preserve the next generation.

Do you understand what you've done?

Vowing to free Riven's eggs. Ensuring the next generation of Ahamkara will live, and thrive, and carry on her legacy.

Do you have deep enough vision to foresee the consequences of your action? All the players you've sent scrambling for their next move?

I suspect not. You couldn't see one little wish without help.

What else could you be missing, I wonder?

It's your job to find out.

So much power in the world. So much about to enter it. It makes one think about all the uses that power could be put to.

I'm reminded of a hatchling in her first instar. Soft-shelled and squirming on the floor, thinking she's taking big steps. Those legs have some molting to do before they're ready.

Bringing another power into the world. One you'll inevitably find yourself making bargains with. Really, my dear…

A point of financial advice from a friend: there are only so many liens one can take out on a single property. The creditors always come calling eventually–if they haven't sold the debt to a collector.

You're certainly getting tangled in your own vows. Much like a little lizard I could name. Not a close friend, but something of an in-law, maybe. My brother brings such interesting people into the family.

Keep in mind that you made a promise.

And heroes do keep their promises, don't they?

Wishful Ignorance

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