A species first encountered by humans on Venus, said to resemble dragons, they were exterminated by order of the Tower.

The Ahamkara appeared some time after the Traveler terraformed Venus. They are described as "The dragons that made promises",1 and many Guardians made deals with them for knowledge and power.

The Tower came to the decision that the price of these deals was too high, and ordered that the Ahamkara be made extinct in what came to be known as the Great Ahamkara Hunt.2 Evidence suggests that it was primarily the Warlocks that were responsible for wiping them out, although some non-Warlocks certainly contributed.3

Following their extinction the Ahamkara continue to be of interest to Guardians, although the study of Ahamkara-lore is frowned upon by many.

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2016.12.23 — Ahamkara

Join Baxter, Purple Chimera and Normalnorman as they try to figure out whether the Ahamkara are from Venus.