Ada-1 — Asset Protection

"It's good to see you again, Guardian," Ada-1 greets you. "Recent events have stirred up unpleasant family memories from the Golden Age, and I'm glad to be working with someone I can trust."

"Lord Shaxx and I are determined to get you ready to face the Witness," she continues. "I can recreate a famous, or maybe infamous, weapon from your past. But I'll need your help."

"Several years ago, you foiled a heist in the Old Tower. I've created a simulation of the events using modified Vex tech from the Infinite Forest," she explains.

"I can extrapolate data from your run through the simulation and use it to re-fashion the weapon. Perhaps even improve upon it."

"Anything to save us from another Collapse," she concludes. "I can't lose another family that way."