Amanda Holliday — Blast from the Past

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"Well, I'll be. That just about did the trick!"

Amanda holds a Slug Shotgun in her hand, intricately ornamented and gleaming with polished metal. She rotates it, testing the weight distribution, then quickly spins it by the lever. A shell ejects as it lands back in her hands, pointed at you.

"Don't be scared now, just givin' it a whirl."

She lowers the barrel and inspects the weapon.

"This lady's been with me a long time. Helped me and ma walk some dangerous roads. Dark times back then…"

She pauses for a moment, watching a damaged Guardian ship limp into the Hangar.

"Darker now. Might be time someone else had the pleasure of her company. Why don't you take her; a thank you for helping out."

"Storm clouds gatherin' out there, Guardian. Keep her safe, and she'll do the same for you."