Banshee-44 — Grenade Logic

"What are you doing?" Banshee-44 exclaims as you place the weapon before him. "You can't just take guns from the Hive and expect me to…"

He trails off as he picks up the weapon and turns it over in his hands.

"Who's been working on this? Eris?" he wonders to himself. "She must have had Brya help."

He holds one of the dangling cards between his metal fingers and squints.

"These use Hive magic to keep the weapon intact, huh?" he says. "Smart. A little creepy, but smart."

Finally, he nods and hands the weapon back.

"You don't need to be a thanatonaut to see this thing has some deep ties to the other side. You want to earn its respect, you'll have to do a lot of killing, and not as much dying."