Banshee-44 — No Trespassing

"This came in for you. Tech is Fallen. Could ask, uh… Splicers—yeah."

Banshee looks proud and then flips the piece over. "Wait… no. Forgot about this."

Banshee pulls a pin from the frame of the catalyst. He holds it up to looks at it. It lights up and emits a tiny projection of Calus.

"Welcome to my little game of tribute," the projection says. "If you want your treasure, you'll have to pay in blood."

"You are a trespasser in my home, just as the Fallen trespass in your home. Rid your home of the trespassers, and my gift will be yours."

The projection finishes with booming laughter and shuts off.

"Huh," grunts Banshee.