Emperor Calus

A number of years before his arrival in the Solar System, Calus led a revolt against the ruling Praetorate, a “corrupt military elite,” and became Emperor of the Cabal. During his reign, the Cabal moved away from martial power and towards decadence and festivities.1 Emperor Calus also brought a number of alien species, such as the Clipse, into the Empire.2 When the Psion Otzot rebuilt the OXA machine, Calus did not have her killed; instead, he had her named Imperial Dreamer.1

At some point, Ghaul was sent to Calus’ coliseum. Calus took an interest in Ghaul due to his ability to handle opponents much more powerful than he was. Due to his talent, Calus appointed him Primus of the Red Legion.3 According to Calus, Ghaul was like a son to him.4

Ghaul began conspiring with several of Calus’ associates to overthrow him.5 Other members of the conspiracy included Lictor Shayotet, Calus’ bodyguard; Otzot; Aedile Moli Imoli, the Celebrant; Evocate-General Umun'arath; Iska'al of Fantor, Calus’ confidante; Princess-Imperial Caiatl, Calus’ daughter; and the Consul.1

Ghaul led the coup against Calus under cover of darkness. Calus was sent into exile with a number of his supporters, sealed in the Leviathan and sent into deep space.4

While in exile, Calus was in a stupor for some time. However, he was awoken from this daze when the ship’s navigation system failed, reaching a space that didn’t exist. Calus stared into the void that the ship had reached and saw something looking back; according to Calus, the void then chose him to be the “herald of its victory.”6

After his experience with the void, Calus began exploring the cosmos, discovering ancient worlds and oddities.1 He also began recruiting his Shadows, who were powerful warriors from several alien species.7 Calus then sent his Shadows on a mission to assassinate Ghaul.8 However, the Shadows failed in their mission and were killed.9

After the death of Ghaul, Calus began using the Leviathan to devour Nessus. He also began inviting Red Legion troops to join the Loyalists.10

Following this, Calus invited the Guardian to the Leviathan, where he was seemingly defeated. However, Calus was not killed. Following this event, Calus called the Guardians back to the Leviathan a number of times, first to defeat Argos, Planetary Core, and then to repel Val Ca'uor’s invasion of the Leviathan.

Later, Calus nominated the Guardian to become a Shadow of Calus.11

Around this time, Calus attempted to take control of a Hive artifact, the Crown of Sorrow. He then created the Hive Gahlran, whom he wanted to wear the Crown and control the Hive.12 However, wearing the Crown caused Gahlran to be driven mad.13 Gahlran was also being controlled by Savathûn.1415 The Crown was a trap laid by Savathûn, who sought to control Calus with it.12

After Gahlran’s defeat, Calus made the Guardians the Shadows of Earth.16 He also tried to invite Toland, the Shattered and Eris Morn to be the Shadows of the Hive.17

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Allies: Tower—Empress Caiatl
Bond of Sekris
Boots of Feltroc
Boots of Sekris
Boots of the Ace-Defiant
Boots of the Fulminator
Bump in the Night
Chapter 7: Commandeered
Chassis of Rull
Cloak of Feltroc
Coalition Shell
Contender's Shell
Deep Explorer Plate
Deep Explorer Vest
Deep Explorer Vestments
Eidolon Pursuant Bond
Eidolon Pursuant Cloak
Eidolon Pursuant Gauntlets
Eidolon Pursuant Gloves
Eidolon Pursuant Handguards
Eidolon Pursuant Mark
ENTRY 10 - Blood in the Barrel
ENTRY 1 - Charon's Silhouette
ENTRY 2 - Lust and Reappropriation Pt. I
ENTRY 3 - Lust and Reappropriation Pt. II
ENTRY 4 - Well of Absence
ENTRY 5 - Feast Your Eyes
ENTRY 6 - Excess of Avarice
ENTRY 8 - Acheron's Wall
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Entry II
Entry III
Entry IV
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Entry V
Entry VI
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Entry VIII
Equitis Shade Boots
Equitis Shade Cowl
Equitis Shade Cloak
Equitis Shade Grips
Equitis Shade Rig
Extraordinary Rendition
Gauntlets of Nohr
Gauntlets of Rull
Greaves of Nohr
Greaves of Rull
Grips of Feltroc
Grips of the Ace-Defiant
Legacy: Hammer of Proving
Helm of the Ace-Defiant
I Am Alive
II. Death and Desertion
Illicit Reaper Cloak
Insigne Shade Bond
Insigne Shade Boots
Insigne Shade Cover
Insigne Shade Gloves
Insigne Shade Robes
I - Pith
It Stared Back
Last Rite
Leviathan's Breath
Lingering Dread
Mark of Nohr
Mask of Feltroc
Mask of Nohr
Mask of Rull
Mask of Sekris
Mask of the Fulminator
Midnight Coup
New Purpose
Nightmare Harvester
Notorious Reaper Cloak
Opulent Duelist Gauntlets
Opulent Duelist Greaves
Opulent Duelist Helm
Opulent Duelist Mark
Opulent Duelist Plate
Opulent Scholar Bond
Opulent Scholar Boots
Opulent Scholar Gloves
Opulent Scholar Hood
Opulent Scholar Robes
Opulent Stalker Cloak
Opulent Stalker Grips
Opulent Stalker Mask
Opulent Stalker Strides
Opulent Stalker Vest
Outlawed Reaper Cloak
Plate of Nohr
Praefectus Bond
Praefectus Cloak
Praefectus Mark
Robes of Sekris
Robes of the Fulminator
Shadow's Bond
Penumbral Bond
Shadow's Boots
Shadow's Cloak
Penumbral Cloak
Shadow's Gauntlets
Shadow's Gloves
Shadow's Greaves
Shadow's Grips
Shadow's Helm
Shadow's Mark
Penumbral Mark
Shadow's Mask
Shadow's Mind
Shadow's Plate
Shadow's Robes
Shadow's Strides
Shadow's Vest
Shell of Gilgamesh
Cartesian Coordinate
The Emperor's Envy
The Gate
The Leviathan
Traitor's Fate
Turris Shade Gauntlets
Turris Shade Greaves
Turris Shade Helm
Turris Shade Mark
Turris Shade Plate
Vest of Feltroc
Vest of the Ace-Defiant
VII. Legacy
VII. The Imperial Throne
VI. Propaganda
VI. Vertigo
Wild Hunt Grasps
Wraps of Sekris
Wraps of the Fulminator
Zenith of Your Kind