Donations Chest — A Rising Tide

As you draw close to the unfamiliar chest, Mithrax's voice crackles over the radio.

"I require your assistance," he says, but then hesitates. "I must ask… that you work alongside… someone…"

An exasperated Spider cuts into the feed, sparing Mithrax further embarrassment.

"I'll take it from here, Misraakskel," he says.

He outlines the plan Mithrax and the Vanguard have come up with: Guardians are being asked to scour the system for any remaining pirate treasure and bring as much as they can back to the Tower. The recovered funds will be used to improve the Last City, starting with the Eliksni Quarter.

While the Guardians are working together, Mithrax will be able to focus on studying the relics of Nezarec—he feels he is close to a breakthrough. He has asked Spider to distribute the resources and finance the improvements the Eliksni Quarter needs.

"Bring me everything you can get your hands on!" Spider says.

"And may the Light provide," he adds begrudgingly.