Eva Levante — Celebrating Solstice

"You look splendid, Guardian! Speaking of which…"

Eva reaches out her hand. In her palm rests a small pile of leaves that appear to be made of silver. They shimmer in the light of the sun.

"Beautiful, aren't they? Leaves like these have been seen all across the solar system. I believe they are… what's the word? Paracausal? Yes, that is how Rahool described them."

She smiles as she presents you with the leaves.

"You know, Ms. Holliday has been planning to build a bonfire in celebration of Solstice. Doing so in the Tower could be dangerous, so Ikora has raised the European Aerial Zone into the sky once again. Why don't you bring Amanda some leaves for her fire?"

Eva meets your eyes before handing over the leaves and gives you a knowing wink.

"And please, watch your step while you're up there."