Eva Levante — The Pigeon Provides

Eva Levante turns to greet you when you arrive, but her eyes do not have their usual twinkle. "Hello, Guardian," she says. "If you came here looking for someone to fill you with Dawning cheer…"

She sighs. "…you've come to the wrong place."

"Because, my dear, old Eva is no longer the kindest person in the Tower. I believe that title now belongs to Saint-14."

"Listen," she insists. "He told me what he plans to do this Dawning, and when he did, my heart melted. Please, go to him. Have him tell you what he intends to do and then, I beg you, help him achieve it."

She pulls at the edge of her scarf. "This last year was difficult for all of us, but especially Saint. With Osiris being… with what happened with Osiris and all."

"That is the kind of thing that could break a man, you know," she says softly. "But Saint… that man's heart is so big…"

Eva covers her eyes with her hand. You give her a reassuring touch on the arm and leave her to herself.