— The first Titan Vanguard, famous for his crusade against the Fallen.

Saint-14 was an Exo Titan known for his crusade against the Fallen.1 At one point, the Speaker and Osiris sent him to track down Taniks, the Scarred.2 In the aftermath of the Battle of Twilight Gap, he headbutted the Kell of Devils to death.3

In the Dark Age, Saint-14 travelled to Mercury with a dozen human colonists. He was almost overrun by Fallen before the Guardian travelled back in time to meet him, delivering the Perfect Paradox to him and encouraging him to keep fighting.4 Following this event, Saint-14 began speaking of a “Guardian savior” who would return to save humanity.5 Inspired by the vision the Guardian’s Ghost gave him of humanity’s future, he began to lead civilians to the area that would become the Last City.6

Saint-14 and the Speaker had a very close relationship, referring to each other as Father and Son.7 The two of them, along with Tallulah Fairwind and Osiris, formed the Consensus.8 The Speaker originally appointed Saint-14 to the position of Vanguard Commander.9 However, after one day in the position, Saint-14 recommended Osiris replace him.910

The Speaker considered teaching Saint-14 to be the next Speaker when he returned from Mercury.11

Saint-14 disapproved of Osiris’s obsession with the Vex and viewed Osiris as abandoning the City when he went to Mercury.12 Following the aftermath of Twlight Gap, the Speaker told Saint-14 that Osiris had been seen in the Caloris Basin; Saint-14 went to Mercury to search for him.3 Saint was unsuccessful, seemingly dying in the Infinite Forest after a fight with a Vex Mind apparently tuned to his specific Light frequency.13

Saint-14 was missing in action for years, with the City still looking for him up until his body was discovered.14

Following the death of Panoptes, Infinite Mind, Osiris built the Sundial in an attempt to undo Saint-14’s death.15 His attempts at changing Saint-14’s fate were unsuccessful, as he could never find the correct moment at which to save him.16 However, the Guardian was able to find Saint-14 just after the Martyr Mind had taken his Light; with their help, Saint-14 was able to defeat the Mind and survive the encounter.17 Following his defeat of the Martyr Mind, Saint-14 emerged from the Infinite Forest and left for the City.18

After his return to the City, Saint-14 promised Osiris that he would oversee the new Trials of Osiris.19

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