— The first Titan Vanguard, famous for his crusade against the Fallen.

Saint-14 was an Exo Titan who took up a crusade against the Fallen1 and head-butted the House of Devil's Kell to death2 in the aftermath of the Battle of Twilight Gap. Though much-beloved3 by the populace, some Guardians found him rather eccentric; he held an especially strong belief that a "Guardian savior" was coming.4

He was a contemporary of the Warlock Osiris, and recommended Osiris to be appointed Vanguard Commander.5 Saint disapproved of Osiris’s obsession with the Vex and viewed Osiris as abandoning the City when he went to Mercury.6 The Speaker called upon Saint-14 to find Osiris,2 but Saint was unsuccessful, ultimately dying in the Infinite Forest after a fight with a Vex Mind apparently tuned to his specific Light frequency.7 The Tower held a "legendary vigil"8 for him.

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