Evidence Board — Report: ALTAR-REFLECT

"I make the weapon mine. But I do not keep it… I use it as a lure."

Savathûn was talking about the Enigma. Which you shaped with the Relic, thanks to the fragment you found on her ship.

Your mind whirrs through the logic of Savathûn's plan. By converting to the Light, she lost her memories and her Darkness-borne magic. Thus, she needed a Guardian who could harness the power of Deepsight via the Relic.

And what better way to lure a Guardian than with the promise of a powerful weapon?

There's an addendum to the original report: "Continued monitoring of emergent threshold (aka the Altar of Reflection) revealed previously unreported paracausal mutability, in external locational point, and presumably, internal context."

In other words, you can expect that the access point of the Altar will change—as will the tales you hear within. Still, if the Hive God of Cunning has more to say, it would be worth it to listen.

Visit the Altar of Reflection regularly. See if you can glean the truth from Savathûn's lies.