Evidence Board — Report: SCORN-ORDER

As you stand before the Evidence Board, a file catches your eye. It's an assessment of the Scorn presence in the Throne World, with a particularly intriguing coda:

"Our undead friends have grown smarter under their new (or rather, very old) management. One troubling example: marching orders, exhumed from an ex-Major."

You peer at the burnt page. The Eliksni-adjacent scrawl is too charred to read, but at the bottom, you spot a crude, but unmistakable drawing of… the resonant Hive rune.

Now, why are the Scorn hunting down Hive runes? And why the specific kind that Savathûn's Ghost cares so much about?

You need to see the marching orders in full. Target Scorn elites in the Throne World to intercept their orders.