Failsafe — Anomalous Object

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The entire room hums with electrical current and ventilation fans as you approach the console. A cheery voice echoes from loudspeakers.

"Hello, Guardian. I am Failsafe, the operational AI of the colony ship known as the Exodus Black. On behalf of our crew, I would like to welcome you!"

"I am certain they would have liked to meet you. Unfortunately, that won't be possible, as they are all dead!"

Failsafe's cylindrical spine jerks erratically for a moment. When her voice returns, it is different; deeper and somber.

"Yeah, it's been real fun sitting here alone for hundreds of years…"

The cylinder spasms again, and the cheery voice returns.

"What I mean is, I am happy to have your company! Are you here to aid with the problem of encroaching Fallen and Vex? That would be very much appreciated!"

Complete public events, Lost Sectors, and bounties acquired from Failsafe.