Fynch — Dawning Delivery

"Hey, bud. What brings you back to my little corner of Savathûn's throne world?" Fynch asks as you hand him a Lucent Crunch cookie.

"Is… is this… NO WAY! It's the Dawning already? And you made ME a cookie? I can't believe it… time just flies by when you're in a pocket dimension disconnected from material reality, you know?

"Thank you, Guardian, from the bottom of my, heart—shell—core… that's the one. Seriously, it means a lot that you thought of me like this. My OWN cookie!"

"Tell you what. Bake anymore of these, and I'll wake up the big guy for a treat, assuming he can behave himself. Not when you're around, of course. Maybe he'll have a change of heart after he tastes your baking!"