Mara Sov — Wishing All the Best

"It's no small feat, the things you've helped accomplish today."

In securing Riven's clutch, you have averted the annihilation of a species.

"Riven was never truly an ally, but common cause aligned us in a way I had not anticipated. Relying on her was a risk, true."

"But there was a time when the Vanguard was averse to trusting me as well."

"Trust is dangerous, risky, vulnerable. But to trust is to hope, and what is life without it?"

Hope, she says, is what separates us from the Witness.

"Expunge the Vex from the dreaming halls while Osiris prepares the Veil to forge a bridge to my brother. This will allow you to lead a strike force into the Traveler's Pale Heart and rendezvous with Crow."

"From there, it will be the fight of your lives. Steel yourself… You fight for all of us."