Queen Mara Sov

— Queen of the Reef and previous Kell of the House of Wolves.

Sov’s life has been chronicled by the Reef Cryptarchy in a series known as The Maraid.1

She began the Reef Wars after realizing that the House of Wolves intended to join the Battle of Twilight Gap.2 Sov communicated directly with Virixas at Ceres just before the Scatter, where the House of Wolves’ base was destroyed by the Harbingers.3 At Ceres, Virixas, Kell of Wolves, was killed; the remaining Wolves descended into civil war over the Kellship.4 One of the first battles of the Reef Wars was the Eos Clash, in which Skolas killed one of his rivals, Irxis; after the battle, Skolas began using the Reef’s forces as a way to kill his remaining enemies as opposed to fighting them directly.5 Some time later, Drevis, Skolas’ ally, razed Amethyst and killed everyone onboard the station. She then baited the Awoken into capturing Parixas, Skolas’ last remaining rival.6 Skolas and Drevis remained in-system, participating in battles such as the Siege of Pallas and the Hildian Campaign.78

A Fallen called Variks, The Loyal, who was opposed to Skolas’ cruelty and savagery, reached out to the Awoken. Skolas was captured at Cybele, ending the Reef Wars and allowing Sov to become the Kell of the House of Wolves.9 Variks declared Sov the Kell of Wolves, advising the Fallen captured at Cybele to pledge their loyalty to her.10

After the Raze of Amethyst, Sov promoted Petra Venj to Corsair.11 After accidentally killing three strike teams of Guardians, Venj was demoted and sent to the Tower to serve as the Queen’s Emissary.12 Sov gave her the title Queen’s Wrath and reappointed her to the Vestian Outpost as a response to the Wolves’ escape from the Reef.13

Mara Sov and her brother, Prince Uldren Sov, were instrumental in helping the Guardian find the Black Garden. However, Sov said that the Reef would look to the Tower if it was in need of assistance.14 When the House of Wolves rebelled, Sov opened the Vestian Outpost to the Guardians and asked for their help in hunting down the remaining Wolves.

Following the capture of Skolas, Mara Sov invited two people to the Reef to discuss the arrival of Oryx and their plans to end him.15 Based on their descriptions it is possible that they were Eris Morn and Osiris, although this is not confirmed.

Later, as Oryx approached the solar system, Sov intercepted him just beyond Saturn.16 The Awoken fleet was destroyed by the Dreadnaught’s weapon, and Mara Sov was presumed dead.17 Despite this, both Uldren Sov and Petra Venj continued to search for her, with Uldren seeming to have some success.181920

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