Nimbus — Lightfall

You power-cycled the CloudArk—the tech built off the Veil that keeps all Neomuni citizens linked in their virtual infrastructure. With the CloudArk back online, they'll be able to contribute more to resisting Calus's assault on their city. Your recent success with Strand has Osiris and Nimbus thinking it's worth exploring further, as another potential advantage over Calus. You're still not ready for a head-on assault but, maybe with Strand, you can be.

After a pleasant chat with Osiris, Nimbus was reminded of a place that you and the Old Bird might find useful for mastering Strand. Before they hand you the coordinates, they take a moment to tell you just how much you amaze them. It took Rohan a while to give Nimbus their first compliment on the job, and they made a promise that they'd do it differently when they took over. The old man might think compliments go to your head, but Nimbus sees nothing but good in appreciating people when they deserve it.

Nimbus recommends you check in with Rohan and Osiris at the Hall of Heroes before moving on to mission "On The Verge."