Queen Mara Sov — Legacy: We Stand Unbroken

"I have lived for centuries upon centuries, Guardian," Mara says. "Though death has not lost its sting, it is a ritual whose movements are familiar to me. It has become easier to bear."

"But seeing loss twist the faces of those around me… has not."

You are unaccustomed to hearing grief in Mara's voice.

"Amanda's absence will be felt deeply by those of us who knew her. Despair will be at our side where a friend once stood. So while it does not lighten the burden, let us hold this pain together. And when you lift your eyes, may you look only upon kind faces."

"I need to focus on the Queensguard now," she says, resuming her channeling.

"When the time comes to strike back, we must all be strong… as strong as Amanda Holliday."