Quinn Laghari — Welcome to the Hall of Heroes

"Well, this is a mess," Quinn says, indicating the broken memorials behind her. "But at least you kept the Veil safely in Neomuna! You know, it keeps the CloudArk running; we'd be lost without it. And on top of that, we haven't even scratched the surface on what it has to say about Darkness."

"Most immediately urgent is the broken memorials. The battle with Calus brought CloudArk security briefly offline, and some anomalous signal patterns were broadcast unsecured, coinciding almost perfectly in timing with the activation of the Veil. The Vex broke in immediately afterward, and destroyed five specific Cloud Strider memorials before retreating. Clearly a precision strike, but the question is, why?"

Cloud Strider memorials house all of their personal and professional records for future generations to study. Quinn is sure the answer is somewhere in the destroyed files. With any luck, Ghost's advanced sensors can help her pull data from the destroyed memorial servers and get a clearer picture of why the Vex undertook such a risky attack.

"Go take a look around the Hall first, all right? Get a good picture of how this place is in the parts that aren't on fire, learn a little about Neomuna that doesn't involve sabotage or explosions. Then you can circle back to the memorials, do some scans, and hopefully blow my socks off with what you and Ghost can pick up."

Explore the Hall of Heroes to learn more about Neomuna and about the Cloud Striders represented by the damaged memorials.