Saint-14 — The Pigeon Provides

"Wonderful!" cries Saint as you place the ingredients before him and set down Eva's Holiday Oven. "Now, we become bakers!"

The process is unexpectedly dangerous. While he measures ingredients carefully, Saint has little regard for cooking time, believing that hotter flames will simply bake more quickly. The Hangar fills with so much smoke that Amanda Holliday rushes over with a fire extinguisher. At one point, Saint is forced to use Ward of Dawn to protect you both from the rapidly rising Kellsdough. His desperate cries of "More sugar!" will echo in your mind for weeks to come.

Finally, it is done, and the delicately spiced, carefully molded nuggets of frosted Ether have been gently wrapped in spirals of flaky dough and baked to golden perfection. A quick dip in an Ether glaze and the Swaddled Etherdips are ready for delivery.

"We are champions of the Dawning this day, my friend," says Saint with deep satisfaction. "Now, quickly, go hand them out while they're still warm."