Saint-14 — The Pigeon Provides

"Guardian! Just who I wanted to see!" Saint-14's voice is bright and he spreads his arms wide when he sees you.

"I have had a wonderous idea for the Dawning," he says proudly. "The Eliksni of the House of Light, they live alongside us now, yes? But still, in many ways, they are outsiders."

He leans close to you. "This Dawning, we change that."

"I remember how I felt welcomed when I first came to the Tower and Guardians brought me lavender cookies. So I think, let us help Eliksni to feel the same way!"

"There is one problem," he says, scratching at the dent in his helmet. "What is lovely cookie to us may be terrible gift for them. They have been polite enough! I want to give them true Eliksni delights for Dawning."

"But worry not," he says with a smile. "For I have heard of a database they left when they fled Europa!"

"And in that data?" He nudges you.

"Recipe!" he shouts before you can answer.

"Now go!" he says, pushing you back with such enthusiasm you nearly stumble. "Find this recipe, and let us spread Dawning cheers all over our Eliksni friends!"