Splicer Servitor — Legacy: Path of the Splicer III

Mithrax greets you with news of his official alliance with Lakshmi-2. Osiris ordered Mithrax to share his Vex data with Lakshmi-2, and he accepted—though he tells you the Exo makes him uneasy.

He has heard her transmissions and knows she is skeptical of the Eliksni, but he is confident that working together will cause her to realize they are fighting for the same future.

"If it will show her we will walk together in peace," he explains, "I will give her all she asks."

Mithrax has compiled the data you brought him and discovered a new path into the Vex domain. He asks you to enter it and consecrate the network inside—purify it with your Light and collapse it around the Vex within.