— Leader of the Future War Cult.

Lakshmi-2 is an Exo and Last City representative described by many as a secretive and elusive figure.1 2 With unknown origins and an abrupt entrance to the Last City, Lakshmi has recruited citizens and Guardians alike into the ranks of the Future War Cult for many years.1

Lakshmi and the Future War Cult have been involved with Guardians throughout the faction’s existence. One notable example is the investigation into the disappearance of Praedyth within the Vault of Glass,3 4 and Guardians’ eventual acquisition of the No Time To Explain pulse rifle; a rifle heavily investigated by the Future War Cult.5

Lakshmi, as well as other members of her faction, are more widely known for their extensive use of Vex technology. The War Cult leader frequently uses a Vex artifact known only as ‘The Device’ in order to peer into the future and observe multiple potential realities.6 Lakshmi claims to have predicted the events of the Red War through these methods,7 8 though many of her predictions have not come true.9

During the arrival of the Pyramid ships within the Solar System, Lakshmi and the Future War Cult worked on an endeavour known as ‘Project Stronghold.’ As well as this, the Exo suggested a partnership between the War Cult and the development and repair of the warmind Rasputin.10

Lakshmi became untrusting of the Vanguard and their decision-making after Ikora Rey offered the Eliksni Sacred Splicer and Kell of House Light, Mithrax, refuge for him and his people within the walls of the Last City. Ikora made this decision in hopes that Mithrax’s knowledge of Vex technology could undo the Endless Night; a simulation imposed on the City by the Vex. Ikora took this measure without consulting the members of the Consensus beforehand.11

Further use of the War Cult’s device would show Lakshmi a reality in which the City would be under attack, with Mithrax and the Eliksni at its center.8 As well as this, Lakshmi observed a future in which a successful prediction of the Eliksni’s treachery would grant her authority as head of state.12 Using this information, Lakshmi sowed doubt through broadcasted messages to the people of the Last City, which lead to rising tensions between Humans and Eliksni and incursions against the Eliksni encampment in the Botza District.13 14 As well as these broadcasts, Lakshmi has planned to overthrow the current Vanguard with the support of Executor Hideo and the New Monarchy, and has also made attempts to recruit others to their cause, such as Lord Saladin, Saint-14, and other Guardians.11

Lakshmi congratulated the Guardian on their victory against Quria, but still believed in a change of leadership even after the end of the Endless Night. Lakshmi believed the City deserves a leader who acts and makes the right choices even if they are unpopular. She wished for the Eliksni and House Light to return to space, where she believed they belong.15

Having been manipulated by Savathûn disguised as Osiris, Lakshmi opened a Vex portal within the Last City in order to send the Eliksni away.16 This led to a Vex incursion within the Botza District. During this attack, Lakshmi-2 was killed, and her body was recovered. After Guardians repelled the Vex, the Future War Cult was disbanded, and the rest of the factions fled the system.17

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