The Drifter — Honor Among Thieves

"Really pisses me off when people break their word," Drifter says. "The Man with the Golden Gun was set to leave this system to me—resume his hunt for the Shadows of Yor beyond the borders of Vanguard authority. But he's back, without prompting. And he's killed associates of mine—associates like you. Lightbearers.

"Might be the Vanguard's decided I've outlived my welcome—brought the Man back in to cut ties, and they're startin' with my rank and file. Might be he's waitin' to burn us down last. Or could be he's workin' with that Praxic rat Aunor. Everywhere she goes, something dies in a fire." A pause. "You know what? I don't care what's going on down there. I need you to make a statement. Get into the Crucible and sow some discord. I'll pay you for every Guardian you drop. No, really. Let me hear 'em scream."