The Drifter — Return to the Drifter

"We make a mighty fine team. Guardian and the Drifter!"

Drifter looks you in the eyes and puts his hand up. He holds it awkwardly. With his other hand, he slowly reaches over and grabs your wrist, firmly pulling your hand upward to complete the high five.

"Now, I'm not going to get all technical here, but we'll need Twisted Energy to keep the Recaster purring."

"I'll give you what's left of my supply to get you started. Slap this into the Recaster—and don't hold back when you find more. We're going to need all you can get if we're gonna strike it big!" Drifter says and chuckles quietly.

"Take that Altered Element and see how Umbral Engrams react to it."

He grins. "You're gonna love this next part."