War Table — Legacy: We Stand Unbroken

Mara greets you via the holoprojector.

"I sensed your triumph through the choke of the Pyramid's suppression," she says. "With the Scepter in hand, you were able to move through the depths of the Ascendant Plane. It is as I hoped. Your Light sings with the incantations I send forth, strengthening you in ways not seen since the seven Paladins…"

She hesitates. "…Since the Queensguard."

Mara explains why she is sending her power to the Guardians. "Powerful as I am, I cannot be everywhere at once. But the Guardians can. So, I entrust you with my favor."

"Claim this power freely, as your strength serves my kingdom and your own. Let it flow through you, Queensguard, and I shall knight you myself."