War Table — Rising Tensions

Lord Saladin's visage appears on the hologram before you.

There has been no word from the Guardian teams sent to fight the Lucent Hive in the EDZ. Saladin fears the worst.

He needs answers, and Caiatl's Psions are the only way to get them. Once you have severed a Hive's connection to the Light with the Synaptic Spear, Caiatl's forces will transmat it to the H.E.L.M., where a Psion will search its decaying mind for information about their plans.

There is fury in Saladin's voice as he speaks of the Lucent Hive. It is clear he believes Hive wielding the Light is sacrilege of the highest order.

"The Hive are at our doorstep," he says. "They think their corrupted Light gives them the strength to stand against us."

"Show them how wrong they are."