— Daughter of Calus and Empress of the Cabal.

As the Princess-Imperial, Caiatl grew up on stories told by Ahztja, Calus’s mythkeeper. Caiatl showed great strength from a young age, learning about the stories of Irkyn La and Acrius.1 2 Caiatl studied under Evocate-General Umun'arath, Primus of All Legions, and eventually became a star-pilot for the Cabal Empire.3

Caiatl played an important role in the Midnight Coup, which led to the exile of the former Emperor Calus. Led by Ghaul and among other notable Cabal such as The Consul and Umun’arath, Calus was overthrown. As Calus was beloved by his people, and due to the potential uprising an execution might bring, the conspirators decided upon exile. He was sent aboard the Leviathan, and into deep space.4 Following this treacherous act, Caiatl would face assassination attempts by Calus.5

After the death of Dominus Ghaul, Caiatl became the leader of the Cabal Empire. Caiatl imagined a better future for her and her people after the failures of Calus and Ghaul, and hoped to rule the galaxy.6

Whilst ruling over the Cabal on Torobatl, Caiatl discovered Umun’arath’s obsession with the Hive after receiving word of a foul stench emanating from the General’s chambers. Umun was researching Hive tomes and studying a live Thrall. Upon this discovery, Caiatl ordered Umun to step down from the Council.7 These obsessions only grew over time, which culminated in Caiatl’s final interaction with Umun in the square of Torobatl’s weaponsmith district. It was at this point that Savathun the Witch Queen had taken full control of Umun’arath’s will. Caiatl met Umun in the square where two guards had the former General in custody. Umun stood in front of a blazing soulfire in the center of the square, spouting heresies of a new god. Sickened by Umun’arath’s corruption, Caiatl impaled Umun with her ceremonial sword and pushed her into the soulfire. This sacrifice revealed itself to be an offering to the war god Xivu Arath from Savathun. Xivu Arath responded in kind, as a gargantuan portal opened above Torobatl, leading to the invasion of Xivu Arath’s army, and the downfall and mass-exodus of Caiatl’s homeworld.

As the last of the Cabal Empire fled Torobatl, Caiatl sat with her advisors aboard the warship Eligos Lex V. A review into the Hive army’s strength quickly turned to argument about the history of the former Cabal leaders’ failures. Caiatl interjected and affirmed that she was not like Ghaul or Calus. As her advisers worried about their species’ retreat from Xivu Arath’s army, Caiatl ordered the remaining Cabal fleet to the Sol System to reclaim what remained of the Red Legion, declaring this as her first order as empress of the Cabal. The next day, Caiatl was officially crowned empress aboard the Eligos Lex V.8

In her first address to her people as empress, Caiatl reassured her people pragmatically as to their situation and their current intentions. It was in this address that Caiatl also officially freed the Psions. Caiatl ended her message with a call for unity among the Cabal to face their enemies and secure their future.9

In preparation for her arrival in Sol, Caiatl conversed with her adviser Taurun how they would approach the Guardians. After considering the Guardians’ triumphs from the past, including the destruction of Dominus Ghaul and Hive gods, Caiatl came to the agreement of negotiating with the Guardians to avoid an all-out war, but to demonstrate their strength by demanding they bow to her.10 Later, meeting with Vanguard Commander Zavala and the warlock Osiris, Caiatl proposed an alliance between the Cabal and the Vanguard, asking the Guardians to join her Empire. If Zavala would bow, he would have a seat on Caiatl’s War Council and together they could face the Hive and the Black Fleet. However, Zavala rejected Caiatl’s demand.11

In the following weeks, the Guardians would intervene in the Cabal’s battlegrounds, entering Rites of Proving with Cabal champions and destroying them.12 This would ultimately halt the development of Caiatl’s War Council.13 After continued engagement with Caiatl’s forces, Zavala offered the empress a final Rite of Proving in order to decide the terms of a final treaty.14 Caiatl accepted and sent forth Ignovun as the Cabal’s champion.15 After fighting through the Halphas Electus land tank on Nessus, Guardians faced Ignovun and destroyed them, securing humanity’s safety and entering into an armistice with Caiatl.16

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Allies: Tower—Empress Caiatl
Caiatl I
Candescent Boots
Candescent Greaves
Candescent Strides
Chain of Command
Chapter 6
Coalition Shell
Cuirass of the Falling Star
Dead Messenger
Eidolon Pursuant Gauntlets
Eidolon Pursuant Gloves
Eidolon Pursuant Handguards
Empty Vessel
ENTRY 2 - Lust and Reappropriation Pt. I
Entry III
Extraordinary Rendition
First Ascent Gauntlets
First Ascent Gloves
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Legacy: Hammer of Proving
Headless Horsepower
Heir Apparent
I - Ambush
I. Debriefing
Igneous Hammer
Igneous Hammer (Adept)
II. Death and Desertion
II. The Cost of War
I - Pith
I. The Hopeful Legion
IV - Shutdown
Last Rite
Legion Lost – 11
Legion Lost – 14
Lingering Dread
Mandate of Strength
Mantle of Battle Harmony
Midnight Coup
Multimach CCX
New Purpose
No Hesitation
Piece of Mind
Praefectus Bond
Praefectus Boots
Praefectus Cloak
Praefectus Cuirass
Praefectus Gauntlets
Praefectus Gloves
Praefectus Greaves
Praefectus Grips
Praefectus Mark
Praefectus Plate
Praefectus Robes
Praefectus Strides
Prodigal Return
Salvager's Salvo
Shadow Price
Shell of Gilgamesh
Spirit of the Warmind
Cartesian Coordinate
The Comedian
The Friends We Made
The Hothead
The Mountaintop
The Time-Worn Spire
Threaded Needle
Tusked Allegiance Bond
Tusked Allegiance Boots
Tusked Allegiance Gloves
Tusked Allegiance Hood
Tusked Allegiance Robes
Unified Theory
Untethered Edge Helm
Untethered Edge Hood
Untethered Edge Mask
Techeun's Regalia Helmet
Techeun's Regalia Hood
Techeun's Regalia Mask
Valus Forge's Epilogue
Valus Forge's Prologue
VII. Legacy
VII. The Imperial Throne
VI. Vertigo
V. Regrets
V - Rite Proven