Breaking In

Secure the nearby [Stasis: Glyph 0] locked chest in Nexus by breaking the Stasis Seal and opening the container.

Your communion with the Crux of Darkness has allowed you to wield the power of Stasis for the first time. You've accepted its offering and now better understand the multi-functional properties of Stasis. Eramis has used that same understanding to fortify her Fallen barriers and valued items with Stasis-enforced Seals. You can now unlock the simplest of her Seals: [Stasis: Glyph 0]. Search the area. There's likely to be one nearby.

Seals: [Stasis: Glyph 0] [Stasis: Glyph 1 Locked] [Stasis: Glyph 2 Locked] [Stasis: Glyph 3 Locked]

Legendary Quest Step
Added In
Beyond Light (2020.11.10)