A Stranger's Call

Ghost: Our new friend must have access to extraordinary methods to reach out to us like that. The radio message she sent came from somewhere in the jungles of Venus.

Ghost: I don't like us getting dragged out here and not being able to get the lay of the land. There used to be a Guardian outpost nearby. Let's see what they have on this place.

Ghost: We're linked. Sparrow's accessible.

There's a lot here about some war machines called the Vex. Indestructible, relentless, supremely intelligent. And they can teleport. Great. Guardians used to have sensors to track them. Let's get them back online.

Ghost: The Vex sensors should be up ahead.

Ghost: These sensors are extensive.

Ghost: OK. I should be able to track these machines. Let's head to those coordinates and find out what she wanted us to see.

Ghost: Detecting Vex. Like we're surrounded.

Ghost: The coordinates lead here? What is it? Let me get a close look.

Ghost: Fascinating. A conflux of non-baryonic streams going... where?

Ghost: Oh no! No! No! It's the Vex! Better find some cover...

Ghost: What are these things? Are there any still intact that I can analyze?

Exo Stranger: Well fought.

Guardian: You're here.

Exo Stranger: We haven't got much time.

Guardian: Who are you?

Ghost: Why have you been watching us?

Exo Stranger: I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain. –I will, I will. I know.

Ghost: Will what?

Exo Stranger: I wasn't talking to you, little light.

Ghost: I'm a Ghost, actually.

Exo Stranger: Many Guardians fell. Strong ones. But you made it here –Yes, I'm listening. They are here. With me.

Ghost: Who's she talking to?

Exo Stranger: Understood.

Exo Stranger: You need my help Guardian.

Guardian: Is that why you brought us here?

Exo Stranger: They brought us here. The Vex. Evil so dark it despises other evil.

Ghost: You're not a Guardian.

Exo Stranger: No. I was not forged in light. But I believe where our paths cross ground could break. Have you heard of the Black Garden?

Ghost: We've heard the legends.

Exo Stranger: The greatest threat to us all lies there, where these machines are born. Find the Black Garden. Rip out its heart. Only then will your Traveler begin to heal.

Guardian: Can you help us find it?

Exo Stranger: My path's my own. I can't.

Ghost: If we're going to find the Black Garden we need to see the Awoken.

Exo Stranger: Ah yes. The Awoken. Out there, wavering between the Light and the Dark. A side should always be taken, little light. Even if it's the wrong side.

Exo Stranger: Too late. Returning. How many? Hold position, kill the engines, and don't let them find you.

Guardian: So, how do we find the Awoken?

Ghost: They live all the way out at the edge of the Darkness. Last place the Light touches. Can't we just stay here with the murderous robots?

Guardian: No. Little light.

Ghost: Don't do that.

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Category: The Exo Stranger

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