Awaken, Queensguard: Infiltrate the Pyramid outpost in the EDZ

Holliday: Repeat emergency transmission. This is Amanda Holliday. My ship was disabled during combat, and I was forced down in the EDZ. While I was waiting for evac, I saw a Shadow Legion patrol leading a group of captives to a Pyramid. I'm sneaking into the facility with the prisoners. I'll bring my comms along as a beacon. Whoever hears this, tell the Guardian to gear up and follow my signal. I'll be waitin'. Repeat emergency transmission.

Holliday: This is Amanda Holliday—does anyone read me?

Devrim: There she is! I'm so glad to hear your voice.

Holliday: Hey, Devrim! Good to hear you too. I was starting to worry I'd snuck in here for nothing.

Devrim: Quite clever of you! A bit risky, though. Can't say I condone it.

Holliday: Risky?! Ain't you the fella who once ran a Cabal blockade just for fresh eggs?

Devrim: Guilty as charged. Just hold tight, my dear. Reinforcements are on their way.

Devrim: Where in the facility are you, Amanda?

Holliday: I'm in the cell block with the prisoners. The Guardian can follow my comms signal right to us.

Devrim: They've hit a bit of a roadblock at the moment, but fear not. They're en route.

Mara Sov: We will breach the Pyramid not through its walls, but through the very fabric of reality. Harness my power, and enter the Ascendant Plane.

Devrim: I must admit, I had several good ideas for this jailbreak… but traversing an alternate reality was not among them.

Holliday: Guardian's doing what now? I swear, the longer I know y'all, the stranger things get.

Devrim: Stranger still now that the Witness has arrived.

Mara Sov: Eliminate the Taken blight, and summon a Balefire in its place. It will consecrate this place and drive the Darkness out before it.

Holliday: Whatever you did out there must have worked, Guardian. You got base security chasing their tails! Looks like they're deploying some heavy firepower to stop you, though.

Crow: There's something up ahead. It's… bringing back a memory, or… Uldren's memory, I guess. A familiar voice. Be careful, Guardian.

Mara Sov: Banish these Taken defilers. They are but empty shells, filled with the desires of a greater will. Trust in your Light, and they cannot stop you.

Crow: I tested the perimeter of that Pyramid for hours but couldn't find any entry points. And now the Guardian just walks in?

Mara Sov: It depends on one's point of view. The walls of the prison may be impenetrable, but the walls between worlds are not.

Crow: You never did have much respect for boundaries, did you?

Holliday: I see you on my radar, Guardian! The prison cells should be just ahead. The head guard's a real piece of work, though, so watch yourself.

Mara Sov: Target powerful Taken, seize their Essences, and consecrate them in your Balefires. Once sanctified, the Essences will become weapons to lower your enemies' defenses.

Devrim: Extraction confirmed. The hostages are on their way back to the Farm. Good work, everyone.

Holliday: Guardian? My ship's nearby, but she took a beating. I could use your help getting her outta here.

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