Adventure: Bad Neighbors

The Rig, New Pacific Arcology, Titan

Sloane: My crew says we've got two problems. Wizards on a tower roof, doing who knows what, and the Fallen they've spooked.

Ghost: So who do we fight?

Sloane: Fallen first. They're using fuel cells to build an explosive countermeasure to the Hive. Sloppy stuff. It'll blow us all sky high.

Guardian collects fuel cells from defeated Fallen.

Ghost: We've got their fuel cells! They won't be blowing up anything today. Hmm, I see what they were doing. Volatile catenary, percussion cap…

Sloane: Good. Sending you coordinates to the Hive.

Ghost: Right, coordinates, Hive… If we tweak this… and rejigger that… that should work.

Sloane: What should work?

Ghost: We'll call it a Hive Disruptor. Let's go disrupt some Hive.

Tidal Anchor

Fighting through Tidal Anchor the Guardian reaches the bottom of one structure.

Ghost: Which way, Sloane?

Sloane: Up. You're looking for the top of a tower, the central platform.

Hive platforms appear in front of the Guardian.

Sloane: Eliminate the Wizards, destroy their project, and stabilize this Rig.

Guardian climbs the platforms to ascend to the roof of the tower.

Upon locating a Hive resonator the Guardian places the Hive Disruptor on it, and detonates it.

The resonator explodes.

Sloane: What was that? I could feel the shaking from here. I said stabilize, not sink! What did you do?

Ghost: Tell you later.

Guardian fights through waves of Hive defeating Conjurers, Null Conjurers and Azyrax, Exalted Conjurer.

Ghost: We got 'em, Sloane.

Sloane: How bad's the damage?

Ghost: Minimal. Nothing your crews can't fix in a day or two. Really, it looks as good as new. More importantly, the resonator's gone!

Sloane: (Sigh) I'll take your word for it.

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