Adventure: Thief of Thieves

Siren's Watch, Titan

Zavala: Guardian! Fallen thieves headed in your direction!

Sloane: They hit us and ran. We lost tools, gear… My crews can't work without that stuff.

The Guardian recovers the repair tools from the Fallen Supply Thieves.

Sloane: My crews will be reinforcing this Rig again in no time.

Zavala: Those Fallen you tracked? We've located the rest of their gang. They're consolidating stolen Golden Age tech… in a nice big pile… out in the open.

Sloane: Give those thieves a taste of their own medicine.

Sinking Docks, Titan

Ghost: I think that's the stash. Let's clear the area for transmat.

Guardian clears the area of Fallen and scans the stash.

Sloane: Good job. I'll set up a transmat. Wait… Wait a minute. Where's my beacon?

Ghost: Did the Fallen steal your transmat beacon too?

Zavala: Sloane has stepped aside for the moment. The things she's shouting would blister your ears. May I recommend finding that beacon?

The Guardian searches for the transmat beacon.

Ghost: Does that Fallen look like a transmat beacon thief to you? He looks like a transmat beacon thief to me.

The Guardian kills the Supply Thief. It drops a broken diode. The Guardian continues searching for the beacon and finds another Supply Thief.

Ghost: That one! That's gotta be a transmat beacon thief. He looks even thief-ier than the first one.

The Guardian recovers Sloane's transmat beacon from the Supply Thief.

Ghost: Area's clear. Let's get back to that stash, so I can send it over.

The Guardian returns to the stash and places the transmat beacon. They defend the transmat zone from the Fallen and defeat Telks, Bandit Captain.

Sloane: You've cleaned them out. These components are critical to the Rig's structural integrity. And thanks to you, we've got the tools to put them back.

Ghost: Whatever the Fallen steal, we steal back.

Zavala: While I cannot condone theft, I do appreciate payback. Well done.

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