Adventure: Getting Your Hands Dirty

The Sludge, European Dead Zone

Asher: Ahh, assistant. You are just in time to join my Dimensional Anomaly Research Group!

Failsafe: Captain, hello! Asher Mir says that I will provide the computational support, and you will provide the brute force! He is very rude.

Asher: Let us begin with barbaric close combat against the Taken. It is a scientifically sound proposition and is in no way suspicious.

The Guardian collects radiation samples from Taken

Ghost: This much Taken radiation can't be healthy.

Asher: Nonsense! There is no continuing danger from exposure to Taken radiation.

Failsafe: Incorrect, Asher Mir. I will now list all fourteen permanent debilitating effects from long-term contact with extradimensional matter

Asher: No need for that. Assistant, continue the experiment. Make you way to the Red Legion's "research" facility.

The Gulch, European Dead Zone

Ghost: We're almost to the research base. So we just… walk around. But in a Taken-y way.

Failsafe: The Taken will think you're one of them, and flood into the European Dead Zone! Asher Mir said it would be like a plague. And a scourge!

Asher: That outcome is only guaranteed if we do not destroy the blights. Do not overload the test subject with extraneous data!

Ghost: "Test Subject?"

The Guardian irradiates the Gulch with Taken radiation

Ghost: Something feels different. I think it's working.

Failsafe: They're gonna get Taken…

Asher: Excellent!

Failsafe: He means you have performed the correct actions. The Taken will now flood into the surrounding area like a scourge.

Asher: And therefore, the experiment has progressed. Destroy the blights, immediately!

The Guardian witnesses Taken and Cabal fighting

Failsafe: Now the Taken and the Cabal fight until everyone's dead. Cool.

The Guardian destroys the last blight

Ghost: That did it. All the blights are gone.

Failsafe: Except for the ones all across the solar system that will continue to happen for eternity, or at least until the sun burns out.

Asher: That has not been scientifically proven. But otherwise, well done, research group. The Red Legion has shown a measurable vulnerability to concentrated entropy. Definitely worthy of further study.

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