Born In Darkness Part 4: Regroup with the Exo Stranger

Key to the Truth

Beyond, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

The Guardian regroups with the Exo Stranger at the campsite.

Exo Stranger: I just wanted to say… thank you. For so much. Most of all, helping me reunite with my sister. In the dark future, Ana was tempted. And I wasn't there for her. From now on, she can count on me. And when she's ready to wield Darkness for good — I'll be right there to guide her. In fact, I'll be here to guide anyone who wants it. The Vanguard only recognizes the Light. Someone has to do the same for the Dark. Or else we risk losing everyone and everything. We have a universe yet to save. I'm looking forward to doing it together.

Exo Stranger — Born in Darkness

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Born In Darkness Part 4: Key to the Truth

Category: The Exo Stranger

Born In Darkness Part 4: Speak to the Exo Stranger