Challenger's Proving IV: To Fell the Mighty

To Fell the Mighty

The H.E.L.M., The Last City

The Guardian approaches Crow and speaks to him.

Crow: Thanks to your fieldwork, I have an idea of what the Psions are planning. It's not good. This gadget you found, it's a tiny Light-disruptor. Small, but strong enough to knock down a Ghost. Saladin says when the Cabal sieged the City, they severed our connection to the Light. Looks like the Psions have refined that tech. It's… elegant, actually. And deadly. They wouldn't need to fly a fleet into the City to use this. A single gunman would be enough, if they could catch a Guardian flat-footed. I'll tell Osiris. And I'll keep an eye on the Commander. You know… just to be safe.

The Crow — Challenger's Proving IV

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