Challenger’s Proving IV: Mission Briefing

The H.E.L.M., The Last City

The Guardian approaches the War Table and a hologram of Saladin appears.

Lord Saladin: Nessus, Europa, the Cosmodrome. Every time the Cabal return to the battlegrounds, so shall we. Osiris has sent Crow undercover to investigate their plans for the Vex prediction engines. We need you back on the front lines. The more you can draw their fire, the easier it'll be for Crow to slip under the radar. And while you're out there, be sure to claim whatever you find in the aftermath. Weapons. Gold. Without their home system, they can't resupply. And without supplies, they can't resist for long.

Saladin ends the transmission.

War Table — Challenger's Proving IV

Precious Plunder

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