Country Radio VI: Zavala

Zavala: Holliday… I know the Traveler won't bring you back. But if it did… you wouldn't remember any of us, or who you were. You wouldn't remember what you did. Tradition would dictate I not tell you… but I think I would. I would hold your hand… and tell you that you were the best of us. Fearless, kind, and joyful. Skilled, stubborn… brave and principled. Even to the end. And I would tell you how much you meant to the people who loved you. I know that if you became a Guardian, you would be all those things again. But here, now... We can only live in the better world you’ve made for us, and hold ourselves to the example you’ve set. Thank you. For what you did… and who you were. Goodbye, Amanda.

Country Radio IV: Mithrax, Mara, and Caiatl

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Darkness’s Doorstep