— The Titan Vanguard and Vanguard Commander

Zavala is a steadfast and unrelenting Titan who takes his role as Vanguard Commander seriously. He became the Titan Vanguard some time after Saint-14, and assumed the role of Vanguard Commander after the banishment of Osiris.1

He was a protégé of Lord Saladin, and has remained close to him.2 While Zavala is on good terms with Lord Shaxx, he has criticized the Crucible as a resource sink; he has also attempted to ban certain weapons from the Crucible.34 Despite this, he has acknowledged the importance of the Crucible in establishing footholds against the Darkness.5

As a Consensus member, Zavala was partially responsible for authorizing the Tower’s plan to retake the Moon.6 Later, when Eris Morn returned from the Hellmouth, both The Speaker and Zavala were concerned that she had been corrupted by the Darkness.7

During the Red War, Zavala led a host of Lightless Guardians to the moon Titan, which he thought had been abandoned.8 In reality, Titan was infested with Hive, and many Guardians fell to them.8 Zavala felt that these deaths were his fault, as he brought the Guardians to Titan. After he leaves Titan, Zavala helps to plan the final assault on the occupied City, aiming to reclaim it.9

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