Downfall: Interlude with Rohan

Rohan: Nimbus gave me their report about your attempt to reach our Veil. Don't let it get you down. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I've been a Cloud Strider for almost 10 years. When our decade's up, we die. Our bodies can't handle so much augmentation. I took on this mantle to protect the people of Neomuna, knowing it would kill me. I've only got one life to give, and it's almost up. I need to take care of the Shadow Legion for Nimbus. Lighten the load. I still have so much to teach them. They aren't ready. Not yet. But sometimes, they're the one teaching me… a lesson I think Osiris could stand to learn. Look after him; he needs it.

Downfall: Interlude with Osiris

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Downfall: Meet with Nimbus